09 January 2013

Homework Interiors: Color is the buzz!

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Color is the buzz!

Color, we are all in need to break away from the mundane and embrace some life in our lives. A Simple little thing like changing the paint on your wall or making a long term commitmemt and ordering a special piece of furniture that totally reflects you. Look around color abounds and yet so often we stick with white or beige. Embrace your inner feelings and break out...go on try a little color. After all, the color of the year is emerald...not beige!

12 December 2012

Home For The Holidays!

Promising to be a much better blogger in the coming year....
For now...
Enjoy your family, friends and homes this holiday season!  May it be a continually bright, warm, festive time of year for all!

Happy Holidays To All

20 April 2011

Days of Awe and Wonder

Well, I'm back from High Point. Always feel emotionally and mentally drained after spending a few days, hurriedly running from showroom to showroom, cramming in as much as I can possibly see right down to the last minute. And we saw lots this Market to be happy about, in fact, the mood in general was happy. Colors were happy, vendors were happy, we were all one big giddy bunch- ready to show the world some new colors, ideas and merchandise. That's where all of our clients come in to play and literally, you do have to come in and play. We took lots of pictures, have come up with some wonderful new sources and ideas are overflowing. To paraphrase the song from "Gypsy", all we need is the "client."
Slipcovers were a BIG word this market, almost every upholstery manufacturer had their variation of a slipcover.
This one from Precedent is their Parisian Loft Collection---loved for its' simplicity--

Color is the buzzword-which I love but have never been a huge fan, in fact, most clients know that I hate- orange- but I am softening to it. CR Laine did it right, in fact, their whole showroom was "eye-candy"- so here we go, I may like orange- a "tad".

One of the best finds was a US, in fact, North Carolina company called Lynwood, which had this adorable daybed- trying to figure out who needs this desperately!
Now this little company was interesting, nice little find and though I don't win the lottery, I have won a chest from this company. It should be here in Michigan the next few weeks--can't wait to see what I won, a Bob Timberlake piece, signed by him. Cool!!!

Most favorite showroom this Market, hands down was Hickory White's new extended collection from Lillian August- absolutely gorgeous- every time I turned around, I saw another piece that I loved. My mind was reeling, thinking of my different clients and who this fits. A couple of them will definitely be seeing this collection and falling in love like I did.

So not just a good Market but a great INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION MARKET. See you in the Fall- High Point Furniture Market

01 April 2011

High Point AKA The Land of OZ

It is Market time, twice a year, the most wonderful time of the year for an interior designer and store owner. Time to be inspired, wowed and awed by the imagination of the manufacturers.
Market actually starts several weeks ahead of the Fall and Spring schedules with notices to register and the arrival of the Holy Grail of the market, the catalogs. Nothing is better than receiving those 2 volumes of accessories and home furnishings, it gets the juices flowing, the imagination running wild and the thoughts of who could I sell this to.......It is exhilirating, exhausting and giddily fun.
So tomorrow AM, for the first time in a very long time, I am driving to High Point from Detroit. By my side, my business associates and best partner in crime, Sandra.....Thelma and Louise are headed to High Point. Just letting everybody know...beware. Our bags are packed, food supplies stashed (Reeses' peanut butter cups, pretzels, almonds, water and diet Coke).
So much to see, so little time, our lists are recorded, we have dogeared catalog pages, torn them from the catalog and polled our clients for needs and wants. Time to gear up and go at it again.

What will we see?...Be prepared for pictures and comments to follow the next few days........................